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The Purpose Of Bijou Alternative High School, Why We Use Points, & How Points Are Earned

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About The Bijou School

The Bijou School is a non-traditional high school for students that have not found success in the mainstream high schools for a variety of reasons.  It is a self-paced, rigorous learning environment that allows students that are academically challenged as well as those who are academically gifted to work at a pace that allows them to experience success.  Teachers and staff work hard to satisfy the academic, social and workplace needs for all students using a variety of instructional and relational strategies and programs.

The Bijou School had its beginning in the fall of 1994 as "EOP-East" with fifty students in a former radio station approximately the size of a three bedroom house, with the founding Principal Wayne Hutchison along with 2 other teachers. The school has moved four times and has had four names, and is now housed at the Historic Whittier School on the west side of Colorado Springs (in Old Colorado City) with a student population of between 135 and 150 students and 25 staff members.  Fifteen years later the staff and community of The Bijou School continue to provide a quality education in an alternative setting for students who thrive on a different way of learning. 


The Purpose Of Bijou,
                     the Alternative High School
                                     Why We Use
                                           & How Points Are Earned...

The Bijou School serves students who have been unable or unwilling to meet the academic pace or social requirements of the traditional high school. Our students, therefore, are self-paced, and we employ Continuous Enrollment, allowing students to be enrolled through out the year.

  • Students may enroll at The Bijou School for the purpose of:

    • Credit recovery for graduation

    • Dropout prevention

    • Early graduation

    • The opportunity to work at a pace more in line with the student’s own abilities or preferences.

    • The opportunity to work in an atmosphere more in line with the student’s personal needs, such as but not limited to:

-    Small class sizes,

-    Quiet classrooms,

-    Safe environment,

-    Individualized instruction,

-    Specialized instruction,

-    Computer-based instruction,

-    Computer-aided instruction.

  • Students at The Bijou School are expected to maintain a minimum pace of attainment of academic credits:

    • Students’ academic progress is measured by assigning points as proxies for grades (100 points being equivalent to 100%) to measure their pace in a course:

      • Points will be earned by doing standards-based academic work aligned with district, state, and federal minimum proficiency requirements.

      • Points will be earned when students do academic work at or above the mastery level of 80%, earning a “B” for the course, or at or above a higher proficiency level of 90%, thus earning an "A" for the course. - Ask your teacher for the specific requirements for earning an "A" in any particular course.

  • Earning 100 points in any subject will earn a credit in that subject with a letter grade of "B" or "A" depending on the student's level of mastery, except for those courses that traditionally earn a grade of "G" such as Student Assistant, Student Council, General Studies, etc.

¤   100 Points represents 100% towards the completion of a credit, so, for example, when a student has earned 65 points in a course that student is 65% done with that credit with a minimum of a grade of "B."

  • Maintaining the minimum pace of 100 points per grading period of approximately 4 weeks will result in graduation from high school in an average of 5 years or less for the student who starts with no credits and completes the course of study. A minimum pace of 120 points per block should be every student's minimum goal.

  • Students who have the ability and the desire may work at a faster pace, empowering the most motivated or academically proficient students to graduate in a much shorter period of time.


The Bijou School, an Alternative High School .... 2904 West Kiowa, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904  719-328-7900

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