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Student eMail in District 11

Important: By using a D11 email account you agree to adhere to the terms of the Appropriate Use Agreement that you and your parents signed. Any abuse of the system will be cause for account termination, suspension, and/or expulsion. Please read this entire article to learn how to use the email, and the appropriate use of such.

General: School District 11 has set up student email for all high school students. Student messages are filtered for appropriate language, hate mail, and inappropriate images. If students try to send an email with swear words, nude images, or hate speech, those messages will be blocked and administration will be notified.
Students will have 20 MB folders, just like teachers. If a student's folder fills, the student will get the “mailbox full” message.  If the student has a large project that will fill his or her mailbox, we can have the mailbox size enlarged so the message will go through but we need to know ahead of time.

EMail Address: Your student email address is <FirstName.LastName>@D11.org i.e., jane.doe@d11.org. It appears that hyphenated names maintain the hyphenation. Double last names lose the space. Double first names lose the second part of the name. So Samual Garcia Jones (Garcia Jones is the last name) becomes Samual.GarciaJones. Mary Beth Jones (Mary Beth as the first name) becomes Mary.Jones. If you click on the “To…” button and then go to the global address list, you can scroll through the list and find Students then Palmer and then you can scroll through the list or use the name search. Also, if a student has a suffix in Zangle, the suffix is added in at the end of the name. So if a student name is John Doe II the email address is john.doeii@d11.org

Login: Begin by going to https://webmail.d11.org. Enter Instructsec\<your user name> and then your password. The username and password are the same as those you use to login to the network. The login screen will appear like the window below:


Be aware that you can access email from anywhere in the world and can send email to anyone in the world.

Begin the login process







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