Course Number: SSM.IBGH71
Course Name:
 IBMYP Geography/History 7 1
Prerequisite: None
Course Description:  IBMYP Geography and History of the Eastern Hemisphere includes a study of the historical, geographic, and economic environments of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific World, and Antarctica. Emphasis will be placed on global understanding of the comparative history, political heritage and current events/issues of the countries of the Eastern Hemisphere. The course will provide a strong foundation for higher level studies. The International Baccalaureate program can be summarized in two categories: autonomous learning, which is characterized through a holistic view of knowledge and interactive curriculum; and rigorous academics, which is supported through cross-curriculum teamwork.
Course Length: 1 semesters
Period Length: 0
Grade Level:  7-7 grade(s)
Credit Per Semester:n/a