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Customers Are Talking!

You are the best!!!!

So thankful that we have you all in D11! ~BU

I love Production Printing!

Just want to say that once again Production Printing came through for Palmer! We ordered a 25 foot long banner…..HUGE!..........came out perfectly and had it within less than a week. Your department deserves accolades! Your staff always greets me with a smile and are so friendly and accommodating. ~BB


You are the best!!!  So thankful that we have you all in D11

Production Printing Team

Thank you so much for your wonderful collaborations and work with us over here at Tesla. We so appreciate your time, efforts, and expertise in helping provide us with the signage materials that we needed. The outside signs are up and look fabulous! The maroon and white sliders are almost all up and will hopefully make it easier for folks to find their way. We are waiting for the Velcro to come in to hang the maps but they look fantastic! You all did such a great job. ~LS

High School Copy Center

Great work today Kris Derge in the Copy Center, setting an awesome example of how we strive for excellence. Most of us don’t make hardcopies anymore to bring to the Copy Center, but today this new email norm has been impossible. Kris found an email solution which requires her to expend extra effort to deal with this hassle. Going outside the box to do still do her job and support us in the classroom, with barely a hesitation in the Copy Center output, is a testimony to her work ethic and the values of excellence. Thanks Kris for all you do! ~TS

You guys did it again....

Over the years, I’ve always had wonderful experiences with you and your staff regarding printing, copying, school planners, etc. This time, you’ve really outdone yourselves… I asked for new business cards – the designer read my mind (with few clues), passed on proofs, and delivered a perfect product before the expected delivery date! Kudos to Dora Clinger and all!! ~TC

Awesome Customer Service!

WHAT an AWESOME job you all did on the Early Childhood request for the Cookie Sheet Games! The cards are WONDERFUL!!! TERRIFIC quality!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! ~LW

Customer Service Example!

I couldn’t let the day end without sharing this awesome customer service example. Today we (A District cadre) conducted our very first Root Cause Validation walk at Henry. In our debrief after the walk it was determined that a set of standards was needed for each “validator” in order to support this work. One person used their phone but this group did not have access to personal devices to carry with them. One solution was to have a set of printed standards by grade level: Reading –Writing-Math-Science-Social Studies so we could validate whatever was being taught. The print shop responded with a several hour turnaround to provide me with exactly what I needed in order to close that loop for tomorrow’s walk at Monroe. Hats off to the Production Printing Team for such rapid response time to ensure our schools will have a smoother process. Nicely done to ensure our team is more effective! ~PP


You are awesome and very knowledgeble! ~DF


I wanted to let you know that your front line as well as your back line team have been just great and awesome in getting all of the print jobs I have brought into them so quickly and efficiently.  I started with print jobs before school and in the first week of school when everything and everyone wants it all and wants it yesterday.  I knew the print shop would be super busy and I was happy when they could get it done.

Well, with all of my print jobs, they have been completed on the same day I have brought them in.  I was truly amazed and very happy.  I wanted to share that with you about your whole team and Keith and Patty are so gracious with my orders as they have some twists and turns with numbers and getting it so that it is understandable to the wonderful team that prints it and gets it ready, which I know Keith and Patty sometimes are able to help out in that area.  Please share with all of them even though I did not put each team member's name down in the email.....they do a great job.  Thanks again for helping me to make my job easier in the building. ~RC
Urgent Print Job

Once again, I am always impressed with the service we receive from Production Printing! ~SW

Thank You!

Just a quick thank you for the great job you did on my ‘table tent’ order! ~SW


We love your flexibility and help but the quick turn around is tops on our list! Thank You! ~BB


Thank you for your speedy service on our project.  Talk about team work! ~CT


We submitted an electronic order with 2 pages we desperately needed for parent teacher conferences. We hoped that they may make it back in time for us to have the students complete them. Ronda at the Coronado copy center had the pages printed and sent in the pony specifically to our mailbox in record time! We were so grateful for her speedy help. It did make a difference to us, our students, and eventually the parents will receive the pages. Thanks Ronda! ~BB

Prompt and Helpful!

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Ronda Luttman is as our copy “master” (pun intended :). She is always so prompt and helpful with any request we send her way. She makes our jobs a bit easier by taking stress out of copy requests. Just thought you should know! ~JJ


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