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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does your technology compare?
  2. How much do you charge?
  3. What is the turnaround time for a job?
  4. What is the largest size paper you can print?
  5. Do you deliver?
  6. Can I choose special paper?
  7. Will the printed color match the color on my monitor?
  8. Terms & Definitions


How does your technology compare?

  • All products and services are produced in-house to industry standard
    Pantone Matching System specifications, utilizing state-of-the art
    digital technology driven over our high-speed network.
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How much do you charge?

  • Simply email us at: with the specifics of your project. You
    will receive a quote via email or telephone usually within 2 hours of receipt
    during regular business hours. If you have an immediate question, please
    contact Customer Service at (719) 520-2124 between the hours of 7:30 a.m.
    and 5:00 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday.
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What is the turnaround time for a job?

  • Specifications and individual job requirements can vary widely. Typical
    turnaround time for quick copy job is 24-hours. Special requests for
    "while-you-wait" are not uncommon, and gladly accommodated whenever
    possible. More complex projects requiring special stock, prepress
    assistance, color inks, proofing, etc., are usually completed within 3 to 5
    working days from time of the order.
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What is the largest size paper you can print?

  • Offset Printing
    We can print on a 14" x 20" coated or uncoated sheet. These types of
    products are produced on our 4-color offset.
  • Digital Color
    We can copy up to 13" x 19" while-you-wait!
  • Large Format Printing
    Banners, Posters, Foam Core, Plasticore and much more can be produced
    up to 64" wide, and 150’ in length!
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Do you deliver?

  • Yes. Our courier picks-up and delivers to each D11 school and department
    on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during the school year.
  • We also utilize FedEx for shipments as needed.
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Can I choose special paper?

  • Absolutely! Most special order stocks can be ordered (at no additional
    charge) and received at our production facility within 24 hours.
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Will the printed color match the color on my monitor?

  • Not likely. We print to industry standards using the Pantone Matching
    System (PMS) color guide. Computer monitors and different output
    devices such as inkjet printers, laser printers, color copiers, produce a
    wide range of varying results. We always provide you with a color proof
    of your project so there are no surprises
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Terms & Definitions

  • Back-2-Back
    To print on the second side of a sheet already printed on one side.

  • Bleed
    Printing that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming.

  • Camera-ready Copy
    Photographs and art fully prepared for reproduction according to the
    technical requirements of the printing process being used.

  • Carbonless Paper
    Paper coated with chemicals that enable transfer of images from one
    sheet to another with pressure from writing or typing. Also known as
    NCR paper.

  • CMYK
    Abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), the four process

  • Collate
    Signatures assembled next to each other in the proper sequence for binding.

  • Comb Bind
    To bind by inserting the teeth of a flexible plastic comb through holes
    punched along the edge of a stack of paper. Also called plastic bind
    and GBC bind (a brand name).

  • Coil Bind
    To bind by inserting a flexible plastic coil through holes punched along
    the edge of a stack of paper. Also called plastic bind and GBC bind
    (a brand name).

  • Die Cut
    To cut irregular shapes in paper or paperboard using a die.

  • Drill
    Also known as 2 or 3 hole punching.

  • Emboss
    To press an image into paper so it lies above the surface.

  • Foil Stamp
    Method of printing that releases foil from its backing when stamped
    with the heated die.

  • Laminate
    A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to usually a thick
    stock (covers, post cards, etc.) providing protection against liquid
    and heavy use, and usually accents existing color, providing a glossy
    (or lens) effect.

  • Master
    One side of one sheet = 1 master.

  • Perfect Bind
    To bind sheets that have been ground at the spine and are held to
    the cover by glue.

  • Perforating
    Creating a line of small dotted holes for the purpose of tearing-off a
    part of a printed matter (usually straight lines, vertical or horizontal).

  • Proof
    Test sheet made to reveal errors or flaws, predict results on press and
    record how a printing job is intended to appear when finished.

  • Ream
    A ream = 500 sheets

  • RGB
    Abbreviation for red, green, blue, the additive color primaries.

  • Saddle Stitch
    To bind by stapling sheets together where they fold at the spine.

  • Score
    To crease paper along a straight line so it folds more easily and accurately.

  • Side stitch
    To bind by stapling through sheets along, one edge.

  • Slip Sheet
    Different color sheets inserted into a stack to separate individually,
    counted sets or jobs.

  • Soy-based Inks
    Inks using vegetable oils instead of petroleum products as pigment
    vehicles, thus are easier on the environment.

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